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PS3 Repair Services by Fix My Playstation

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Get more space for more gaming!
Don't forget to Checkout the Hard Drive Upgrades. You can add these to your PS3 Repair Service. *Data transfer included.

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Getting your PS3 repair is easy. No self diagnostics, No guessing, No hassle
You check out for your PS3 repair, we take care of the rest.

Flat Rate

Our PS3 Repair pricing is straight forward. Wether you have a YLOD, Broken Drive, or you have no idea what is wrong. Its included in our flat rates.


We have repaired over 13,000 PlayStations since 2004. Warranties included with every repair. Our technicians can get you back to gaming fast.

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*Shipping to USA address only. Shipping to AK and HI is not included, please call us for pricing. Turnaround times are not guaranteed as some playstations may require extra work to achieve a reliable repair. Units without a sony seal do not qualify for the regular warranty, click here for more information.

Simple, Relialbe, Nation-Wide PS3 Repair Services

Fix My Playstation has been repairing PlayStations since 2004. Our experienced technicians can get your PS3 repaired. We are the nations leading PS3 repair center and get you back to gaming in no time.

Simple PS3 Repairs

Our PS3 repairs are simple and all inclusive. There is no confusing self diagnostics or hassle. Each of our repairs will get your system fixed right. Once we receive your system our technicians will preform a wide range of health checks and then preform all of the repairs that your PS3 requires. Once we finish the PS3 we send it back. It is that easy, just pay the repair fee and get a fixed PS3!

Hassle Free Shipping: With our Premium PS3 repair service we even take care of all shipping for your PS3. All you have to do is check out for the Premium PS3 repair service and we will of everything.

Pay Only After A Repair Is Completed
We only bill you a portion of the total cost of your repair upfront. Then we bill the rest after the service is completed. It only takes $29.99 to get a standard repair started and only $39.99 to get a premium repair started. This way you don't have to pay the full amount until you have a fixed playstation ready to come home.

Reliable PS3 Repairs

Our PS3 repair technicians have seen it all. We have been repairing playstations since 2004 and have repaired well over 10,000 playstations! Wether your PS3 has the Yellow Light of Death (aka YLOD), Broken Blu-ray Drive, Overheating problems or any number of issues, we can fix it, fast!

To prove the reliability of our PS3 repairs we back them with a Total Warranty*. The Standard PS3 Repair is covered by a 6 month warranty and the Premium PS3 Repair is covered by a one year warranty. These warranties cover your entire system. So you don't have to worry. If in the rare case your PS3 fails after one of our services we will be here to fix it at no cost to you.*

Flat Rate PS3 Repairs

Our PS3 Repair pricing is straight forward. You pay one flat rate and we repair your PS3. There is no hidden up charges in the middle of your PS3 repair. This way you know before you go through the trouble of sending off your PS3, exactly how much your PS3 repair is going to cost.

Yellow Light of Death (aka. YLOD) PS3 Repair

Got the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)? No problem we can fix it! Included in our flat rate repairs.

Nearly 80% of the playstations we see have the infamous Yellow Light of Death. This is by far the most complicated and difficult issue to plague the playstation. Most of the time when your system has this error it means the graphics chip has become disconnected from the main circuit board of the PS3. In order to repair this you must replace or repair the solder connection between the graphics chip (RSX Chip) and the main circuit board. This repair is very difficult and must be done by a highly skilled technician. Any amateur or inexperienced repair attempt can be fatal to your system.

Don't worry, at Fix My Playstation we have repaired thousands of Playstation 3s with the Yellow Lights of Death. Our technicians are highly trained at board level PS3 and circuit board repair. We can replace the solder under your RSX chip and will preform repairs to your system that will help prevent it from fracturing in the future. Not only will your system be fixed, it will be more resistant to the problem in the future!

About Fix My Playstation (FMP) | PS3 Repairs

Fix My Playstation is the leading nation wide PS3 repair center. Since 2004, we have fixed thousands of Sony Playstation 3s (PS3s) and Playstation 2s. Our technicians have thousands of hours of experience working on PS3s. At Fix My Playstation we fix your PS3 right and back it with long warranties. We can fix PS3s with almost any issue. Our PS3 repair pricing is simple and flat rate. What you see is what you pay for your PS3 repair. Our repairs are much more reliable than a computer shop with a heat gun in the back room, and we have customers from all of the United States.

Why choose Fix My Playstation?

1. KEEP YOUR DATA | With our PS3 repair you keep all of your save game data. Unlike the Sony repair, we fix your PS3. This means you get your PS3 back with all of your data and save games just the way they were before your PS3 broke.
2. RELIABLE REPAIRS | All of our PS3 repairs are high quality, and we use professional equipment to ensure a good fix for your PS3. We back them with long warranties to prove it. Don't over pay for a worthless 30-90 day warranty.
3. FLAT RATE, ALL INCLUSIVE REPAIRS | Don't get suckered into an overly expensive PS3 repair by a local repair shop. Our pricing is up front and straight forward. After you pay for your service, that is it, there are no hidden fees or other shenanigans.


Fix My Playstation

Nationwide PS3 Repairs - Simple, Reliable, Flat Rate

Can't find a reliable PS3 repair shop near you? Many people are not able to find a trustworthy PS3 Repair shop. Fortunately, we have repair thousands of Playstations and have customers from all over the United States! Give us a call at 1-314-669-9593

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