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Premium PS3 Repair Service - $149.99

The Premium PS3 Repair Service is our all inclusive flat rate repair. It costs $149.95 and compared to buying a new PS3 it is a steal. It is hard to sum up in one paragraph everything that is included with this flat-rate repair. One of the best parts is that we cover all shipping. This way you know exactly how much the entire PS3 repair is going to cost before hand. It comes with a one year total warranty (Same as the manufactures warrant) and all of the additional services we offer. After this flat rate services and upgrades you will have a tank of a PS3.

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Premium PS3 Repair - Features

Get more space for more gaming!
Don't forget to Checkout the Hard Drive Upgrades. You can add these to your PS3 Repair Service. *Data transfer included.
WIth the Premium Flat Rate PS3 Repair Service, we will get your PS3 fixed at an all inclusive repair and upgrade service. With our flat rate repairs, once you pay the fee we get you back a fixed PS3. There is no guessing, no confusion, no hassle, just a simple flat rate.

Our premium PS3 repair service is everything you need to get your PS3 repaired. It includes all shipping, a complete one year warranty, a super fast 48 hour turnaround and some awesome overheating protection and upgrades for one flat rate.
At Fix My Playstation when you get a flat rate PS3 repair you know you are completely covered during the warranty period. If your PS3 experiences the same issue we will fix it at no cost to you. Don't pay good money for a repair and warranty that only covers one issue or only lasts 90 days. Having a total warranty adds great value to getting your PS3 repaired with Fix My Playstation.
We trust our methods and repairs, this is why we can offer such a great warranty. It is simple and straightforward as we can possibly make it. The only thing that is not covered is any shipping expense after the first 30 days.

*You must have a sony factory warranty seal to qualify for the one year warranty. If you do not please click here for warranty information about what warranty your system will receive.
With the Premium PS3 Repair Service we will have your PS3 fixed and on its way back in about 48 hrs (1-2) business days. The majority of systems will be in, fixed and out ASAP!

Need your PS3 fixed faster, check out our Premium PS3 Repair Service.

In some cases repairs may take longer if the issue is particularly difficult to resolve or rare. Return times are not guaranteed, during some peak times return time may be slower.
During the repair we will give your PS3 a complete diagnostic and health check. This insures that while your PS3 is in our shop we are able to detect any issues that may be right around the corner or contributing to the main problem that your PS3 currently has. This way we can insure that you get a stable and reliable PS3 back after we are done serving it. We will check your PS3 before and after the repair service. This way we can insure all issues with your PS3 are fixed and that you get a working PS3 when you receive it back.

Our diagnostic checks include but are not limited to the following,
- Blu-ray Drive Inspection
- Main Logic Board Inspection
- Solder Check under the RSX Chip
- Video Output Check
- Hard Drive Check
- Bluetooth Check
- Internet Connection Check
and more
We do not upgrade your firmware and we do not reformat your hard drive.

At Fix My Playstation we are gamers too and we know how important those save game files and data are. We know the only way to save your data is to get your PS3 repaired. So, when you get your PS3 repaired at Fix My Playstation we do everything in our power to insure your system comes back exactly where it was. Don't worry we can save those hundreds of hours of game play, achievements, pictures, moves and more!

The only time data is ever lost during a PS3 repair at Fix My Playstation is if the data itself is corrupted. In this case Fix My Playstation will call you and inform you of the situation. We will make several attempts and use a couple of different methods to save all the data we can. If your data is corrupted in some cases data may be lost, reformatting may be required or firmware update may be needed.
Did your Playstation 3 eat your brand new game when it broke? Don't worry, when you send your PS3 in for repair by Fix My Playstation we will recover your disk and send it back to you! Your disk will be returned with your system in a white CD sleeve.

During the check out of your PS3 repair service you will be prompted to enter the name of the disk trapped inside your PS3. Just make sure you type in the name of the trapped disk and we will make sure we get it back to you!
Have the infamous Yellow Light of Death or YLOD? No problem. We are experts at fixing the Yellow Light of Death!

The vast majority of the time, the yellow light of death is caused by the fracturing of the solder under the RSX chip. This chip has hundreds of tiny ball solder connections that over time can fracture and disconnect the RSX chip from your motherboard. If this has happened to your system, Fix My Playstation will professionally rework the solder under your RSX chip. This is a very difficult repair to do correctly and requires a very experienced and skilled technician with professional grade equipment.

Heat guns and inexperienced technicians can do fatal damage your system. Send it in for a professional repair! At Fix My Playstation we can fix your YLOD right and get you a repair that is going to last. With our professional BGA rework equipment and experience we will fix your Yellow Light of Death and help make your system more resistant to the failure in the future.

There are two repair methods for repairing the YLOD that can be preformed. Either are included in your PS3 repair service. If you do not request a certain service our technicians will decide which repair best fits the condition of your board.
1. Reflow | This is where the fractures in the solder are healed over.
2. Reball | This is where the solder is replaced.

Click here for more information about our YLOD repairs.
Thermal Pads for PS3
If you order the Premium PS3 repair service we will upgrade the Thermal Pads inside your PS3.

Most PS3s have about 17 thermal pads inside on the motherboard. These pads are the best upgrade to help your PS3 remove heat from the motherboard and getting new thermal pads prevent future failure.

With this upgrade service, we remove the old and dust filled thermal pads and install brand new thermal pads. These thermal pads have a 10x higher heat conductivity than the dust filled old factory pads. It is a highly recommend addition to your PS3 Repair.
If you order the premium ps3 repair we will preform and Ultrasonic cleaning on your PS3. Ultrasonic Cleaning we will clean your fan and heat sink in an ultra-sonic bath. This will remove every spec of dust, dirt and anything else that managed to find its way into your PS3s heatsink and fan.
Dust acts like a fleece blanket holding in heat. With this Ultra-Sonic Cleaning Service your PS3 will be ready to take the heat and heavy usage without being held down by years of dust build up. It is highly recommend for your PS3 Repair.

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