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Common PS3 Problems and Repair Services

Below are some common issues with the PS3. These and other issues are all covered by our flat rate PS3 Repair Services.

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The Yellow Light of Death is one of the most common problems with see with the Playstation 3s. A YLOD is when your system will not turn on. Instead it beeps a couple of times, flashes yellow once, then starts flashing red. Many times a disk is stuck inside the PS3.

Essentially the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) is an error code of the PS3 meaning that one of the components cannot be detected when the system goes to turn on. The most common cause of the YLOD is the solder under the RSX (Graphics Chip) fracturing.

This solder can be repaired if you have the right equipment. At Fix My Playstation we use Zephyrtronics rework stations & other equipment to insure you get a good and reliable YLOD repair. Our repairs have been perfected over hundreds of PS3s and is the reason we can insure repaired units with long warranties.

The YLOD repair is included in both the standard and premium flat rate repair.

Don't have the YLOD yet? See our guide to make sure you don't get the YLOD. Prevent the YLOD.

PS3 won't read disks? Game stuck in the drive? Does it make a grinding noise? We can fix it!

Blu-ray drives can be a giant pain in the… They are full of tensioned springs, motors and cogs. Any number of things can go wrong from a motor to a diode to a loose spring. Our technicians have hundreds of hours or experience repairing blu-ray drives. We use high quality OEM parts to repair your PS3, and we can make sure that you don't loose any compatibility. With our PS3 blu-ray drive repair we fix your PS3 right.
We see a fair amount of PS3s that have power system issues. The power supply can go bad or maybe your PS3 was hit by a power surge. Any number of components can fail, leaving you with a dead PS3. Our no power PS3 repair can get you back to gaming in no time.
Freezing systems can be caused by any number of things and is one of the most difficult issues to solve. From outdated firmware to a bad hard drive being some of the more common culprits. We see a lot of PS3s and this helps us to have a solid troubleshooting process that can fix your freezing PS3 in no time. We go step by step to determine the source of the freezing and then correctly repair your PS3. This is all included in our flat rate repair.

Certain games do freeze and in this case it may be the fault of the game not the system. If only a certain game is freezing there is not much we can do about the poor programming.
If your PS3 gets disconnected from power or internet during an update you may get stuck in an update loop. This can be incredibly annoying as the system continuously tries to update and fails. Our PS3 repairs are able to break the circle and get you back to gaming again.
The number one source of a broken PS3 is overheating. Your PS3 will start randomly turning on in the middle of games. As time passes it will only get worse. With our flat rate PS3 repairs you can solve the problem before it become something more serious.

With our overheating PS3 repair our technicians will professionally clean your system and upgrades its thermal paste. This way your system will run cool as a cucumber. This PS3 repair will help prevent the YLOD and other more serious problems.

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