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The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) PS3 Repair

Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
PS3 YLOD Repair - PS3 Reflow Service
This section is all about the infamous Yellow Light of Death that plagues many PS3s. Don't' worry if you have the YLOD it can be fixed! At Fix My Playstation we are experts at repairing the yellow light of death and we can get you back to gaming today.

If you don't have the YLOD yet we highly recommend checking out our guide. It can help you prevent the YLOD.

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What is the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)?

PS3 YLOD Repair - PS3 Reball
The Yellow Light of Death, sometimes known as the blinking red light, is a common error experienced by Playstation 3 users. It is also referred to as the YLOD.

You have the Yellow Light of Death if, when you turn on the PS3 it beeps and blinks as shown in the picture above. It only flashes yellow for a brief second. If you can still turn your PS3 on at times and not at other times then your PS3 has overheating issues.

The YLOD is caused because the solder under the graphics chip fractures and becomes brittle. Eventually after a significant percentage of these connections go back your PS3 will not be able to detect the GPU (RSX) Chip any more. It will then give you the infamous Yellow Light of Death. The worst part of the YLOD is that there is no way to recover your data or any disk that happens to get stuck.

To properly fix the YLOD you need professional equipment. Here at Fix My Playstation we use Zephyrtronics equipment. It is the same stuff NASA uses to repair their printed circuit boards. If its good enough for NASA it is good enough for your PS3. We do not recommend a heat gun. This is a very terrible way to fix your PS3. Get your PS3 fixed right. See below for some different YLOD repairs. Both our Standard and Premium Service will fix your YLOD right and get you back to gaming.
Part 1 - How To Clean Your PS3 to Prevent the Yellow Light of Death
Cleaning your PS3 is the number one thing you can do to help prevent the yellow light of death. The following videos show you how to disassemble your PS3 and replace the thermal paste. Overheating is the real source of the issue, if you prevent this you will increase the lifespan of your PS3.
These videos are provided free of charge. There are 7 parts so be sure to go through them all. You assume all risk and responsibility for damage to your PS3 if you decide to clean it yourself.
Part 2 - PS3 Thermal Paste
Your PS3 runs fast, and it runs hot; it is a Ferrari, not a Yugo, and it needs to be treated as such. You can't skip oil changes in a Ferrari and you need to clean your PS3 heatsink to keep it running efficiently, exhausting processor heat and properly cooling the motherboard. If you don't, after 2 years or so the factory heat sink paste dries out and can no longer transfer heat efficiently from the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU). Eventually, the motherboard flexing seems to cause the solder connections between the GPU and board to crack. Then the system exhibits the tell-tale yellow light of death (YLOD) and will not turn on.

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